Upcoming Podstock 2018 Session

Do you want to lose touch with one reality? Let’s try a few more.  I’m talking about virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.  It’s a topic I’m working on for the Podstock technology integration conference coming up July 18-20.  This looks to be a historic year for the event.  One reason is due the new scheduled 3 hour sessions.  Podstock has never been about boring powerpoint presentations.  And these longer sessions are no different.  They are designed to be collaborative explorations on broader topics.

For instance I have the privilege of facilitating a session on Virtual, Augmented, & Mixed Reality.  My co-host Kevin Honeycutt and I will facilitate a brief discussion on all the amazing projects available on the topic.  Followed by breaking out in various groups to explore the most popular topics.  The goal is to have a product you can take with you for your teaching.  It’s going to be fluid and adaptable to what you want to learn or create.  

Will you come join us?  To register and learn more visit the Podstock website.